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Frequently Asked Questions

NKCS management carefully allocates resources to the most pressing needs. The donation opportunities shown on this page offer examples of how your money can be used.

NKCS partners with Stripe, a leading world-wide provider of online transaction services. Learn more about Stripe's terms and privacy. We don't see your credit card number at NKCS. Stripe manages all credit card processing for us directly on its secured servers.

Yes. A receipt is sent to the email address provided and you will receive a thank you letter in the mail. In most cases, monetary gifts to NKCS are tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor to be sure. Your credit card statement will show "NKCS_DONATION" next to all NKCS donations.

Client Gas Cards

Gas Gauge

Our clients are all living on tight budgets with limited funds, which can make event the simplest fluctuation in expenses have a huge impact. That is why we offer gas cards to clients participating in our educational programs so they can go to and from medical appointments and job interviews. 

Personal Care Items

personal care items

Did you brush your teeth today? Wash your hair? These things that we take for granted can be a financial burden to our clients when food stamps and other assistance doesn't cover the cost of personal care items. 

Tax Preparer Meals

Tax Preparers

The AARP and United Way VITA tax volunteers spend long days and evenings here during the tax season. We want to thank them for all the work they are doing for our community. Your donation could feed three shifts of volunteers for a week. 

Critical Needs Fund

critical needs

Our most critical needs change day to day. We may need to help a client with rent assistance one day or fill our food pantry with fresh produce the next. Support us by allowing your donation to help us meet these needs as they arise.

Food Pantry

Food pantry

Your $200 donation could purchase $480 worth of food for our food pantry, which is enough to feed a family of five for nearly six weeks. 


Rent Assistance


Job loss. Divorce. High medical bills. We understand that these things can happen. They're especially devastating when the family is working to get back on their feet. That is why we offer rent assistance to families who meet certain criteria. 

Thrive Instructors

Thrive Instructors

A large part of our Thrive Empowerment Program includes budgeting and parenting classes. The instructors are contracted from area agencies to provide the best training in their field. Your donation could pay for these instructors for an entire Thrive cohort, or approximately six months of classroom instruction. 

One Month of Utilities

NKCS Building

It costs nearly $25,000 a year to keep North Kent Community Services' lights and heat turned on in order to provide programs to our community. Sponsor a month of utilities and become a hero to the staff at NKCS!

Name Your Own Amount



We appreciate all of the donations we receive from our generous community. Feel free to choose the amount you wish to donate to benefit programs like the Thrive Empowerment Program and our food pantry. 

Support Us Monthly

Join a select group of donors that choose to support our programs on a monthly basis. Your gift will be automatically dedicated each month and will help fund initiatives like our educational programming and food pantry. 

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